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Rolling out a digital accreditation / badging / credentialing initiative in a larger organization



Large organizations play an essential role in the adoption of badges and credentials not only because of their increasing need for capability management programs: they also provide economic opportunities for the labor market and alumni of vocational schools, colleges universities and training providers.

The challenge is how to start with a badging and credentialing initiative, how to ensure internal buy-in of both management and employees as well as matching capabilities to jobs. The working group provides a safe environment to discuss, plan, implement and improve badging and credentialing initiatives together with your peers and further stakeholders.



  • Badge and Credentialing Success Center (including pitch decks to convince internal stakeholders, marketing material etc.)
  • Maturity Framework to define current position and future goals
  • External pitch decks to form recognition networks with accredited education providers (e.g. to align leadership training with MBA programs)
  • Checklist for selecting platforms or developing own infrastructure


Open to participate also for non-members: Yes

Please register here to attend.


Regular meeting schedule:

Every second Tuesday at 15:00 CET (14:00 UTC + 1)


Past meetings:

  • 24/11/2020: Meeting on the initial workshop concept "Badges and Credentials Maturity - Framework for Larger Organisations [BCM-FLO]", you can download the initial framework here.
  • 08/12/2020: Meeting on the idea of a "Badges and Credentials Success Center"
  • 05/01/2021: Meeting on "Asking the right questions"
  • 19/01/2021: Meeting on "The power of mutual recognition"
  • 02/02/2021: Meeting on "Connecting ecosystems with transversal skills aka 21st Century Skills"
  • 16/02/2021: Meeting on "Endorsement value as the centerpiece in the value chain"
  • 03/02/2021: Meeting on "Planning and evaluating the Return on Invest (ROI) of a badging initiative"
  • 17/03/2021: Meeting on "Implementing digital credentials based on regulatory compliance"
  • 30/03/2021: Meeting on "Connect employees to organisational purpose by appreciating values"
  • 30/03/2021: Meeting on "Enable internal mobility through reskilling and recognition of capabilities"
  • Next meeting: 30/03/2021, please register here to attend.



Rolf Reinhardt

Developing a scaling badge framework for associations and non-profits


Associations play a key role in formalizing non-formal knowledge and skills: from identifying experts (e.g. for their conferences and working groups) to creating curricula for their (online) academies, associations have also been increasingly active in generating additional sources of revenues. This working group shall explore the options for associations to recognize achievements across their network, to certify these and to create value in terms of employability. 

Whilst there are many associations (the UIA lists 41.000 active international associations), they often struggle with limited financial and personal resources. This working group shall support them by delivering a range of outcomes (see below) as well as providing peer consultancy and support.



  • Business Case for an association's Board of Directors and key decision makers
  • Process how to select a suitable badging platform i.e. for volunteers (visibility, future skills, career pathways)
  • Marketing plan with funnel (badge for members, badge for experts etc.)
  • Scaling approach on verifying specific skills internationally
  • Blending into official taxonomies (e.g. UN SDGs, accredited education providers)


Open to participate: Yes, also for non-members


Regular meeting schedule:

Every month on the first Thursday at 16:00 CET (15:00 UTC + 1), register here.



  • 05/11/2020: Business plan for non-profit associations to implement badges
  • 03/12/2020: Setting KPIs for a successful launch
  • 07/01/2021: Selecting a suitable badge platform
  • 04/02/2021: Awarding badges to volunteers
  • 04/03/2021: Aligning badges with UN SDGs
  • 08/04/2021: Conducting workshops to engage key stakeholders, register here



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