ICoBC Academy

The plan: A series of courses to answer the what, why and how getting started in Open Badging / Open Micro-Credentials. Each requiring ~8 hours of work and terminating with a credential.

If interested in assisting …

  • Designing curriculum
  • Developing assessments
  • Creating multimedia
  • Reviewing draft courses

Let us know via Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and indicate what kind of contribution you feel you could make.

1 Badging 101

  1. What are Open Badges / Micro-Credentials? (related to clearing house)
  2. What do we know about their effectiveness and use?
  3. Why should I care about Open Badges?

2 Getting Started

  1. How do I create and issue my own badges?
  2. What are best practices for badging systems? (related to review)
  3. How do I evaluate the badging platforms available?

3 Badge taxonomies and partnerships

  1. How can my business partner with badge issuers?
  2. What 21st century skills frameworks exist for aligning badges?

4 Becoming an ICoBC Reviewer

  1. What us the ICoBC review process? (related to the quality review)
  2. How can I become an effective ICoBC reviewer?

5 Researching Open Badges

  1. What research has been done on Open Badges? (related to clearing house)
  2. What frameworks are there for understanding what research is needed?
  3. Who researches badges?


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